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ankle instability

Chronic ankle instability is a condition where the ankle feels weak or wobbly, and/or it turns outward (gives way) frequently when walking or, sometimes, just standing. Other symptoms may include chronic pain, discomfort, tenderness, or swelling in the ankle. It may be difficult to walk as well.

Chronic ankle instability often occurs as a result of an improperly healed ankle sprain. During an ankle sprain, one or more ligaments that bind and support the ankle get overly stretched (beyond their normal limits) or even torn in severe cases. If this injury is not treated properly, the ankle may not fully or satisfactorily heal. This may lead to additional ankle sprains and chronic ankle instability. Long-standing ankle instability may even contribute to the development of arthritis in the ankle joint.

Treatment for chronic ankle instability may include bracing, physical therapy, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. In severe cases, or when the condition does not respond to these conservative treatments, surgery may be necessary to properly repair or reconstruct damaged ligaments. Consult with Dr. Abramsohn for professional help and care.

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